Why the Snowman Melts

Twins Patty and Bobby Ross move from Miami to Chicago when their father gets a new job. Though they are unhappy about leaving old friends, they are thrilled at the thought of building their first snowman!

With the help of family and new friends, they build a wonderful snowman! But sadness rears its ugly head when the snowman starts to melt. This time, they learn valuable lessons about change and loss that help them to cope with life’s inevitable disappointments.

This book can be used: to help children cope with feelings about change and loss; for reading and writing enrichment; and as a fun reading activity!


Why The Snowman Melts

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By the time Bobby made Eddie’s charcoal smile, Big Shorty was smiling too. Eddie was done! They danced around Eddie admiring their masterpiece.

Dad came out with a camera and took pictures of Eddie and his creators! This was the only picture ever taken with Big Shorty smiling!

After the picture-taking and playing, everyone went home. Patty and Bobby were proud of Eddie! He was much better than they had imagined! They gave Grandma an extra hug for making a nice large red vest for Eddie…which just happened to match the red band on his hat.


looking at something with delight and approval


beautiful piece of work done with great skill

“This book is a must-have for the entire family because it introduces kids to change and assists parents in teaching kids how we can embrace the many uncertainties in life.”
— B. Woods

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